Group Classes

FaithFit, Yoga, and Olympic Lifting will be offered throughout the day; please see our schedule (below).  All of our classes are led by a proven coach/personal trainer.

Nutrition Guidance

Online programming gives you a basic nutritional layout in addition to the workouts you are following.  All members will have access to customized nutritional counseling with a certified trainer.

Weight Training

Power Lifting, Strength Training, Olympic lifting, and fundamental technique training.

Personal Training

We provide online programming and nutritional guidance.  If you are a member, programming, coaching, and training are included in your monthly membership.

About Us


We are a faith-based gym that aims to help the Parkersburg area get healthier.  We want to help individuals reach their full potential mentally, physically, and spiritually. We combine the best training and guidance to help our members live a higher quality of life.  We are always looking for people to join our family here at Strong Tower Fitness. If you are looking for a gym near you, with a family atmosphere stop in and check us out!

Staffed Management & Trainer Hours:

Monday 5:30am-5:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am-5:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am-5:30pm
Thursday 5:30am-5:30pm
Friday 5:30am-5:30pm
Saturday 9am-10am
Sunday 2pm-3pm



Our highly certified coaches provide a fun, result-driven, and safe class atmosphere.

We are here to help you reach your goals, and improve your overall fitness level.

Group classes create a team atmosphere, that inspires each individual to reach personal goals.

 If you are looking for a family of hard-working people to join in a journey toward elite fitness, look no further.

Your First Three Classes are FREE!


Constantly varied functional movements preformed at high intensity. We have QUICKFIT classes geared to every fitness level!


Olympic Weightlifters are recognized as being strong and flexible. If you wish to develop these qualities within yourself; or are already learning these lifts, but wish to improve this is the class for you!


These classes are approximately 30 minutes that are designed to improve range of motion and overall flexibility.


FaithFit classes Monday- Friday: 530am, 645am, 12pm, 430pm, 530pm
Saturday: 9am
Sunday: 2pm

BoxFit: Saturday 10am


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Crushed Goals



Delbert StarcherToday will be five straight days of attendance to strong tower fitness. I am sore from knees to neck and earlier in the week I found the most basic daily tasks inflicted more pain on my already aching muscles. That being said, I love it. I’ve spent the last 2 years losing 85 pounds and had come to a stand still with fitness. Nothing seemed to be making a difference. The mixture of workouts combined with a knowledgeable trainer has pushed me to new areas of fitness in which I can feel the results. In addition, I’m not just being told what to do, the trainer lives the lifestyle. He offers encouragement without the “fluff” and appears to genuinely have the fitness goals of the clients in mind. It may not be “easy”, but the worthwhile things rarely are. I don’t believe have have attended a day in which I have not heard someone praising God or giving him the glory in their lives. Looking forward to where this will take me, both physically and spiritually
Rebecca Jay EwingThanking God for this gym and what it represents! What a testimony when you can send your boys to the gym and the trainers/ owners there help them draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . Tyler said when he was trying to hold himself up on the rope , and his flesh was screaming pain and defeat, he closed his eyes and thought about how Jesus must of felt as He hung on the cross for him❤️ and that's where he got his strength to keep going Philippines 4:13 Thank you for an atmosphere that is not of this world Strong Tower ! May God Bless you!
Rob KernsI have been wanting to improve my physical fitness and health for years. It's really easy to say, "I need to do this," but it's a different matter entirely to do it. The staff at Strong Tower Fitness are knowledgeable and committed to helping you reach your goals. Plus, they have a community of mutually supportive members. It's not possible to undo 35 years of neglect and indifference overnight, but I have zero doubt that I will achieve my health and fitness goals, because of the trust and rapport I have with the people who created Strong Tower Fitness. If you're looking for a good gym, Strong Tower Fitness is the place to be.
Martha Lytle SmithMany thanks to Tate and Greg at Strong Tower Fitness! Two awesome guys who were encouraging and supportive! The box is clean, organized, and well stocked with great equipment! A great place to CrossFit in the Parkersburg area!
Mike Parkhurst JrI've been going to Strong Tower for a few months now and absolutely love it. Tate and Greg have a wealth of knowledge to share. It is a very family like environment with people encouraging and motivating each other. I was worried when I first though about joining because I was 350 pounds and extremely out of shape, but there are modifications for just about everything to allow you to do what you can. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great environment to improve their fitness level.
Blaine RitchieAbsolutely love it. A new lifestyle with encouraging knowledgeable staff
Justin BockAn awesome gym. I love hitting the weights and always have, but this gym is so motivating, it makes you not want to stop. Best gym I have ever been too.
Samantha ClementsI can't say enough good stuff about this Box. Truly blessed to have found this place and to have met the wonderful people there. Great family environment. Extremely clean. Wonderful atmosphere. Tate is a very knowledgeable coach with great coaching tips and directions. It really is a special place. Thank you Tate and Greg for being so cool and having a great place to come workout and meet new friends. You should both be very proud of your hard work you have done and continue to do to create such a great Box
Jolene TaylorSTF is a box that everyday you are welcomed by coaches/ friends that truly care about you and your fitness.Great coaching and thanks to Tate and Brewster whom are always supportive and encouraging and with their knowledge I have received valuable pointers and instruction for form, technique and much more. They have created a facility where you feel really connected and is motivating and fun. STF has a atmosphere that makes this box feel like a giant family that you can just hang out with after a WOD. They will push you to do your best, but rein you in when you need it. This box is amazing and I have nothing but good things to say!! You feel at home every single time you walk through the door. The owners work to ensure that we have the best equipment and a awesome place to train whether you’re looking to start your journey to better your fitness or train for your next competition.
Misty RobertsLove this place and the gains I've made in such a short time. I'm a runner and new to CrossFit. I was intimidated at first, but Tate does a great job at scaling the workouts and keeping it safe and doable. I love that the workouts are always different, never boring and has challenged me physically in a way that I haven't been before. Everyone is so positive and encouraging, and I've made some really great new friends. The atmosphere is so welcoming and I love that it's a faith based place, you walk away feeling blessed and refreshed. Thank you Tate and Greg for working so hard and providing such a cool and clean place to come in and get a great workout
Michael RitchieThis is a well-organized, clean gym with professional and knowledgeable staff. The workouts will leave you exhausted and are easily modified to suit your fitness level no matter if you're a beginner or have been working out for years.
Danijel VelickiGreat gym! Very clean.. extremely friendly people and great environment. Top notch experience all around!
Ace CraddockTate Linder and myself go way back, with that in mind I approached him about a lifting routine. He came up with an 8 week program for me almost immediately. I'm on my 8th week and I've increased my bench press alone by 30lbs.... The guy not only knows what he is talking about but he is very thorough with his explanations and the program that he will develop for you. Highly recommend you ask him for advice! You can't go wrong!


Great group of members and instructors that are like family...everyone is encouraging, upbeat, and motivational...highly recommend!... See MoreSee Less

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4 years! Congratulations Strong Tower!
Special congratulations to Greg Brewster) Greg has worked extremely hard to build an absolutely amazing community.
Let me say I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I walked through those doors! It’s been amazing and rewarding. I have made some life changing relationships with people here. It's more than a workout and a gym for me, It's my happy place, and my family! A part of my everyday world. If you know me, u know I like to push my limits with physical challenges, I like structure, consistency and competition. This family has always provided me this
guidance and has allowed me to be better in all areas of life. A community and friendship that continue to make lives better outside the gym through the time we spend in the gym.
When I joined I not only gained a gym membership but I gained a family and that’s pretty awesome! Congrats and many years to follow!
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I joined Strong Tower Fitness in January and let me tell you it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done! I walked through the doors not knowing anything about functional fitness and the coaches made me feel completely at ease. No intimidation at STF, only support and motivation! If you’ve ever considered a CrossFit style gym I highly recommend STF.... See MoreSee Less

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Inspiring Greatness One Rep at a Time!



Greg is the owner at Strong Tower Fitness he was first introduced to the functional fitness style of workouts in 2015. Before that, he was a college athlete and an avid traditional lifter. Once he was out of sports he found it difficult to stay motivated by a routine lifting regiment. He started Strong Tower Fitness in 2016 to bring functional fitness and a positive family environment to the Parkersburg area. He enjoys helping others reach their strength and nutrition goals and providing a service that goes beyond working out. He believes that the members and coaches at Strong Tower Fitness drive an addicting atmosphere that radiates positivity, motivation, and constant self-improvement. The culture here is truly changing lives one rep at a time.


He started functional fitness training back in 2012. After spending the majority of his fitness life in a weight room training the every day "glamour” muscles, he started to become less motivated and all around bored with his everyday workout routine. Once he started functional fitness he immediately fell in love with every aspect of it. He started to regain excitement for working out, and going to the gym. Since he has started he has competed at various competitions such as the CrossFit Regionals, Wodapalooza, and local state wide competitions. He is a certified CrossFit level 1 trainer, and carries a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals through functional fitness. Strong Tower Fitness has given him the platform to be able to help others with their fitness goals, while being surrounded by other coaches and members who create a supportive environment for everyone.


Chana started her career in health and fitness as an ACE certified personal trainer & health coach and went on to become a registered yoga teacher, TRX & Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. She believes in a holistic approach to health and loves meeting people where they are and empowering them to achieve their health and fitness goals. Strong Tower Fitness has an amazing community of people and provides a great, positive environment for people of all fitness levels. ~ Live each day with gratitude


A former IT professional with a background as a collegiate athlete, Marcus always retained my passion for health and human performance. In 2012, he made the transition into the coaching and consulting realm and has been teaching sustainable lifestyle nutrition with a special interest in athletic performance ever since. He has spoken at multiple national conferences on the subjects of nutrition and leadership and has worked with thousands of people of all backgrounds and with varied goals across the country; including the average person looking to lose a bit of weight, former athletes who have a desire to get their ‘mojo’ back, current collegiate and professional athletes, and young athletes at the scholastic level. Being a minister as well, Marcus joined the team at Strong Tower Fitness with similar values and goals of our mission. His passion is providing sound nutritional advice to our members and is motivated by adding value to our local community. He believes you can never out train a bad diet!


Nicole started coaching functional fitness classes in 2016 because she fell in love with being around people that are chasing goals to become better. She loves getting to meet new people and spread positive vibes. Nicole is certified CrossFit Level 1 and has an associate’s degree in Health & Wellness. She is a fun spirit ready to greet any new members that come into the gym.


Will Started doing Function Fitness here at STF in 2017 before that he was a runner, he had played many different sports but enjoyed baseball and wrestling the most. He struggled to find something that gave him the competitive feeling he had in sports until finding STF. He describes the classes as a perfect cross between cardio and lifting weights. He views STF as more than a gym but a big family with an addictive atmosphere. He enjoys seeing members getting stronger and improving. He is excited to see what the future holds looks forward to helping new and current members alike


1709 7th Street Parkersburg, WV

Phone: (681) 229-7098