Programming Vision Summer- Fall 2020

Programming vision

Our goal for this cycle is to introduce some more technical movements while also concentrating on lifting under fatigue.

Things to focus for on this cycle
-become acclimated to new movements
-work on fine tuning your gymnastic style movements
-get comfortable lifting under fatigue and at higher reps

Lifts you will see
-We are going to be adding some new lifts into our percentage work. This cycle you are going to see Overhead Squats, Romanian deadlifts, squat clean, push press, and an optional bench press day.
-Lifts are going to be moved to after the metcon with percentages starting at 50%. Since we do have so many new movements we will be starting to cycle off with a “work up to a heavy single” week so everyone can get an idea of what percentage to work off of.

Movements you will see in metcons this cycle
-bench press
-chest 2 bar pull-ups
-wall balls
-hand stand pushups

We are working to have a more specific guideline for modifying/scaling when it comes to running, Du/Su, and the concept 2 machines so if you need to sub out for instance a run for a bike we will have a designated scale that will provide and equal stimulus.

Maxxy Monday
-this months Maxxy Monday will be wall balls. We will be having members pair up with each other to count/judge reps. This will help everyone maintain good form and technique as well as help the member working not have to worry about counting their reps so you can give it all you have! We will be looking for a below parallel squat with the wall ball crossing above the painted targets. You will have the option to scale wall ball weight.

STF Summer Bash
-We will be having our first in house competition 08/22 that is open for all members to do. This will be a good opportunity for anyone that is looking to compete or just have a fun day of fitness! There will be a RX and Scaled division and winners from both will win a free unlimited month at STF!