Programming Vision 6-7/20

The goal of this cycle:

Our goal of this cycle is to get us back on track after COVID-19. And give everyone a chance to PR before we start our next cycle.

Lifts you will see (strength portion):

Shoulder press (strict press), deadlift, back squat, clean and jerk. These will go up to 90% and end with a max our week.

Top 5 things to focus on in this cycle:

  • 1) cardio we want to get back after the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • 2) PR on lifts before we start another 12-week cycle
  • 3) start to work on gymnastic movements
  • 4) improving your running skill
  • 5) embracing the suck and pushing yourself to understand the concept of (for time) to push yourself as fast as you can.

Movements that you’ll see a lot of in this cycle:

    • Running
    • Pull-ups
    • Burpees
    • Box jumps
    • KB swings

Maxxy Monday movements and how they will be judged

The only Maxxy Monday in this cycle will be KB swings. It will be a max unbroken set of KB swings performed at 53/35 one attempt per athlete. They can warm up as much as they want. All swings must be complete in American style swings.  The scales version of this will be a max unbroken set of Russian style Swings at a weight of 35/20.  A coach must watch, count, and confirm each athlete’s score for it to count.